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Our Mission

The mission of the Scituate Library Foundation is to support the Scituate Town Library by soliciting donations in order to provide funding for areas of education, programming, materials and special projects that are beyond the funding from the Town of Scituate or the State of Massachusetts. To this end, the Library Foundation's Board of Directors will raise funds by creating various charitable fundraising events and activities.

100% of your contribution is applied exclusively to the long-term needs of the Scituate Library. The Scituate Library Foundation is an IRS Code 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization.

President’s Message

A Message from Les Ball, Foundation President 2014 - Present

2014 is an exciting year for the Scituate Library Foundation, the Scituate Town Library, and the Town of Scituate.

We ended 2013 with the town passing the funding for the Library expansion with an impressive 72% of the vote. The New Year began with the Commonwealth giving us the first check of nearly $1,000,000 as part of its commitment. We started the building process by hiring the Owners Project Manager and currently (June, 2014) are interviewing candidates for the building architect role. As of this writing, the Foundation’s “Building for the Future” Capital Campaign has over $700,000 toward its goal of $2,000,000!
The Foundation has added four new members, Marla Minier, Emily Anderson, Amy Linnell, and Ginny Ayers, who bring with them a wide range of experience and exciting new ideas. We are posed to have an even more exciting year in 2014 than we did in 2013!

Now that the building is secured, the Foundation is shifting its focus from getting out the vote back to fundraising. Our efforts will focus on creating events and programs that will enable every segment of our Scituate community to participate in and be part of the future of our Library. A number of events and activities are in the planning stages and will be announced soon.

Our fundraising efforts are focused on these fronts:

1. Large Donors—We are approaching several Scituate residents who have the capability of giving $10,000 or more. Gifts at that level will be offered a naming opportunity in the new library.

2. Foundations and Grants—We have identified several organizations that fund projects such as ours and are preparing proposals to submit to them.

3. Business Support Program—We are working with over a dozen local businesses to provide funding and recognition in the new Library. The list of businesses grows daily.

4. “1,000 Homes for Scituate”—Perhaps the most exciting program is the “1,000 Homes for Scituate”. Its goal is to have 1,000 homes each give $1,000 over a period of 4 years to the Library. We want to make it possible for young families who could not consider giving a single $1,000 gift, to donate at the rate of just $20/month. To date, we have 134 families participating in this program.

We are very pleased that we are in such a great position and very excited about the prospects for the coming year. But we also know that we cannot do this alone. Over 350 families have already made significant financial contributions to this effort. We know that everyone has financial pressures and that they also have many organizations asking for gifts. We only ask that you remember the importance of the Library to this great community that we are privileged to live in and help us reach our financial goals.

As our Past President, John Koulopoulos, said in his President’s Message last year, “Our time is now.”
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