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1,000 Homes for the Scituate Library
Be Part of the 1000 Homes for the Scituate Town Library!

In 1912, Scituate selectman Jamie Turner and his wife, Jessie Turner, learned that the Scituate lighthouse was to be auctioned. With a check for $1,000 from the town treasurer, Jessie took a train to Boston to delay the auction. Officially purchased by the town in 1917, Scituate Lighthouse still stands a beacon of our proud heritage.

Now just one hundred years later, a check for $1,000 is needed again. This time from you!

If you’d like to join this effort, but feel that you can’t donate $1,000 right now,
there are several ways to make that contribution over the next four years.
Consider this, just $20 a month ($5 weekly), over four years, adds
up to $1,000.

Could you donate $20 a month, through an easy, automatic payment from your
bank or credit card? Would you miss one cup of ‘designer’ coffee or one movie rental a week (remember, you can borrow movies from the library at no charge).

The 1000 Homes for the Scituate Library program puts a significant donation within the reach of many of you who care about the Library and its future. We're seeking 1,000 donors who will donate $1,000 or more over a four-year period to help reach the project’s fundraising goal. Your family can be part of the future of the Scituate Town Library!

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