Scituate Library Foundation : Capital Campaign Donors

Capital Campaign Donors
We're "Building for the Future"!

All gifts at the Platinum, Gold, and Silver Levels are members of the
"1000 Homes for Scituate" and will be acknowledged in the new library.

Platinum Level
Gifts of $25,000 to and up

Martha and Les Ball
Michele and Mark Dickinson
Hamilton Company Charitable Fund
Ginny and John Koulopoulos
Mal and Ken Loring
Kirstin and Don Nelson
Scituate Library Foundation
Yvonne Twomey

Gold Level
Gifts of $5,000 to $24,999

Ginny and Mike Ayers
Deborah and Kevin Barbary
In Memory of Joan Barbary
Nancy and Thomas Berry
Karen and Jim Canfield
Thora and Gary Fernquist
Finnegan Foundation
Friends of the Scituate Library
Susan and Harvey Gates
Jamie Gilmore
Laurie and Jim Hall
Anne and Tony Jones
The Keller Family
Catherine and Richard Lane
Jacqueline and Richard Leach
Ruth and Bruce Marshman
Marla and Richard Minier
Betty and Joseph Moran
Denise and Gordon Price
Marcia Rizzotto Revocable Trust
The Todd Family
Jan and Henry Yeh
In Memory of Lawrence "Chick" Gates

Silver Level
Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999

Elizabeth and Andrew Adams
Shelley Allison and Mark Flieger
Emily and David Anderson
Betty and Fred Ayers
Lindsey and Greg Ball
Laura and Robert Bannister
Val and Ken Baker
Joyce and Joe Barthold
In Memory of Louise M. Bates
Katie Baxter
Alice and Jim Beal
Nancy Beaumont
Susanne and David Beldotti
Christina and Charles Benoit
Laura and Mark Bissell
Joan Blanchard
Lt. Cmd. Myron Boluch
Colleen and Robert Bonner
Suzanne and Mike Brennan
MaryLou and Kevin Butler
Julie and Frank Burgess
Elizabeth and Geoff Burns
Chris and Frank Camacho
Patricia and Kevin Carleton
Debra and Andrew Carlino
Ellen and Frederick Carroll
The Casey Family
Kimberlee and Carl Christenson
Noreen and Tom Clark
Karen and Kevin Connolly
Patricia Connolly and David Curtis
Patricia and John Conway
Wendy and Greg Crone
Janie and Andrew Culbert
Julia, Thomas and Meg Cuneo
Kate and Gary Cruickshank
David W. Currier
Carolyn and Skip DeBrusk
The DeLorenzo Family
Kathleen, Patricia, and Marie Denneen
Linda and Jeff Dirksen
Deborah and Mark Donovan
Jennifer and David Donovan
Connie and John Doody
Diana and Art Dunphy
Storme and Rick Eckelhofer
Cathleen and James Everett
Kim and Mike Ewanouski
Ellen and Peter Fallon
Lisa and Mark Fenton
Amy and John Ferrie
Jessi, Heath and Alden Finnie
The James Fitzpatrick Family
The Forbes Family
The Ford Foundation
Allyson and Martin Gall
Alice and Adria Gallagher
Carol and John Gately
Colleen and Michael Geary
Barbara and Barry Gifford
Ellen Good
Emilie Bubin Green
Tricia and Bill Griffiths
In Memory of Ruth Halbower
Cathleen and Thomas Hall
The Hamel Family
Eileen Hamel
Chris and Bill Hayes
Susan and Tim Hinckley
Mary Louise and Richard Hoss
Elizabeth and Philip Holthaus
Coleen and Timothy Horan
Chris and Brian Hotarek
Stephen Irwin
Leslie James
Pat and Edward Karsch
Rene and Edward Katersky
Chris and Al Kazlousky
Maureen and Jerry Kelly
Nancy and John Kimmett
Linda and Walter Kluz
Paula and Fred Knier
Kristin and Curt Kretschmer
Jacqueline and Richard Leach
In Memory of Louise M. Bates
Barbara and David Leahy
Nancy and John Levanchy
Ann and Larry Levin and Family
Becky and John Lewis
Suzanne and Peter Lincoln
Amy and Alan Linnell
Marshall Litchfield
Rosemary and Jim Lonborg
April and Michael Lynn
Linda and Joe Malone
Mary and Kevin Malloy
Loretta and Bruce McCabe
Diane and John McCarthy
Donna and Leon McCrary
Carol McDonald
Joan McDonald
Cathie and Michael McGowan
Jane and Mark McGuiness
Patricia C. Michaud
Cathy and Peter Minich
Laura and Alex Minier
Christopher Mirarchi
Gigi and Frank Mirarchi
Jay Moran
Jennifer Morrison
Ann and Don Mullen
Dr. Brigid "Patty" Mullins
Pat and Paul Murphy
Richard and Nancy Murray Young
The Nelson Family
Kathy and Lyle Nyberg
Lynne and Luke O'Connell
Susan and Reid Oslin
Mary and Martin O'Toole
Heather and Michael Paduck
Patricia and Ronald Paglierani
Lillian and John Peters
Vicki and Ralph Poland
Joan Powers
Doris and Sal Privitera
W. Scott Roberts
Jennifer and Jeffery Robinson
Suzanne and Len Rubenstein
Kimberly and Richard Ryan
Sarah and Benjamin Ryan
Patricia and Brian Sauve
Jo Ann and Joseph Scanzillo
Laurie and John Schneider
Scituate Arts Association
Marie and William Schlag
Shelley and Bill Signorelli
Michele and Doug Smith
Shelley and Thomas Sommer
The Spires Family
Kay and John Spurr, Jr.
Jane Stebbins
Jean and Peter Stanley
Mary and Walter Sullivan
Margaret and Michael Sullivan
Ann and Jack Symanski
Kathleen and Alexander Thomson
Jean Vazza
Nancy Verseckes
Lee Vickers
Patricia Vinchesi and Family
Susan and Chris Walker
Anne Weaver
Barbara and John Webster
Camille Wells
Eileen West
Susan and Daniel Whitney
Joyce Wilson and John Goldie
Elizabeth Kemp Wiza
The Zarella Family
Ann and Fred Zucconi

Donor Level
Gifts up to $1,000

The 3M Foundation
Donna Abruzzi
Catherine Ahern
Tanay Ames
Christine and Tom Anderson
Ellen Anderson
Anonymous (11)
Kathleen Arthur and Brian Taylor
Jodi Tourangeau Ayers
Donna Bailey
James Bailey
David Baskin
Elsie Bendlock
Tricia Berlo
Sarah Blanchard
Booth Hill Farm
Melissa Boynton
Karen and Scott Briggs
Kathryn and Timothy Brooks
Joanne Brown
Mike Brown
Mary Buckley
Anna Burczek
Helen Burgess
Pricillia and Bob Cahill
Kristie and Joseph Capobiano
Carl Campagna
Roslynne Canfield
Staci Carey
Ellen and Thomas Carr
Beatrice and Joseph Casey
Jennifer Chen
Sharon Colvin
Beth and Rich Compson
Louise Connolly
Julie Connor
Teri Connors
Nina and Constantine Constantinidies
Jane Costa
Jane Cox
Maureen and Vincent Cox
Jeanee and Joseph Crehan
Allison Crimmons
The Critchley Family
Deborah Crohn-Lengen
Jennifer and Michael Cronan
Kathleen Cumming
Quincie-Ann and Rick Cutler
Susan D'Archangelo
Susan Daileader
Virginia Day and Charles Hayes
Diana Decker
Lauara DeLong
Nancy and James Denman
Clare and Richard Dennis
Lorraine Devin
Marsha and James Devir
Anne Dickinson
Tracy and Jay Dieselman
Heather and Sean Dillon
Margaret and Steven Dinger
Kelley Dinnen
Carolyn DiPesa
Heather Don
Kathy and David Donahue
Jay Donovan
Margaret Donovan
Gabrielle and Patrick Dorsey
C. Michele Dorsey
David Drinkwater
The DuBois Family
Elizabeth Dunn
Ellen and Chris Dunn
John Durkin
Kim Dwyer
Richard Eckhouse
Kathy Egan
Diane Dewey Emanule
Jenna Emmons
JoAnn Evans
Alise Fandel
Laurie Farren
Brenda and Richard Ferguson
Mary and James Ferrier
Florita and Charles Field
Amanda and Frank Finizio
Evelyn Finnegan
Erin Fitzgerald
Heloisa Fitzgerald
Louise Fitzgerald
Margaret Fitzgibbons
Karen Fitzsimmons
Rick Flynn
Deborah and John Flanagan
Pamela Foley
Ray Forbes
Betty Foster
Margaret and Robert Francis
Susan Frankel
Karen and Jorg Frey
Karsten Frey
Joyce Friedman
Walter Fuller
Lorraine and Albert Galler
Gates Café Students
Lori and Peter Gates
Mary Ellen Gaziano
In Memory of Danny Ghergurovich
Patricia Gilmartin
Pam and Pete Giovannini
Dorothy and John Glancy
Eileen Glaven
Katherine and Joseph Glennon
Gail Goode
Rebecca and Alex Graziano
Christa Griffin
Judy and John Grader
Elise Foley and Allan Greenberg
Diane and Stephen Grief
Ruth and William Gulick
Leslie James
Jeanne and Barry Hall
Nancy and Paul Harrington
Jenn Hausmann
Kim Hayes
Christine and William Hayes
Cassandra and Brian Healey
Shirley Hendrickson
Mary Ellen Higgins
Marjory and Ronald Himmer
Lynn Howard
Diane and Stephen Hoss
Sheila and Howard Jack
Marilyn Jackson
Eleana and Kevin Jamison
Kevin Jarnot
Corene Jastremski
Jenkins PTO
Sandy Johnson - Goodies II
Jane and Charles Johnson III
Cathy Kang
Barbara Keefe
Sarah Keefe
Susan and Glenn Keith
Jim Kelleher
Tracey and Brian Kelly
Linda and Denny Kerns
Tracey Kiddie
Berj Killian
Sharon Kimball
Marion and Thomas King
Sandra Kingsland
Claire Kisker
Mabel Klose and Colleen McCall
Sheila Kukstis
Marcy Kupchella
Sarah and John Lalone
Hillary Landers
Richard Lane
Meredith Lanata
The Larkin Kids
Ann Lattinville and Allen Hale
Barbara Leavitt
Catlin Levin
Ruth Linnehan
Carol Lipsky
Jennifer and Edwin Littke
Sue Looney
Bill Luque
Jean Lyons
Stacie Madden
Cathy and Jake Mahoney
Loretta Mahoney
Ann Marcin
Esther and Bethany Maschio
Judi Mansi
Jill Martin
Janet and Lawrence Mayo
Carolyn McCabe
Loretta McCabe
Joan McDonald
LauraJean McDonald
Jane McGovern
Elizabeth and Peter McGowan
Theresa Malouf
Barbara Mckay
Mary Jo and Joseph McNally
Ann McSweeney
Gail Meehan and Paula Rooney
Gale and Ken Michaud
Elizabeth Miessner
Beth Monaco
Kathleen Moran
Marty and Wayne Morrill
Dave Murphy
Elaine Murphy
Angela Murray
Myles and Max
Nancy Nardela
Jay Neagle
Megan Nelson
Janine Neville-Golden
Kathleen and Richard Newhall
Deanne Noiseux
Sara and Matthew Norris
Mary and Kevin Norton
Regina O'Brien
Steven O'Brien
Elizabeth and Robert O'Connell
Jennifer O'Neil
Kim O'Reilly
Kathleen and Patrick Palimeri
Judy Parsons
Peg Patten
Deborah Peterson
Sydney and Charles Peterson
Kim Peters
Lillian Peters
Julie Place
Susan Plummer
Liza Pinard
Joan and David Pinkham
Susan and William Plummer
Susan Pope
Doug Purdy
The Rafferty Family
Joan Reid
Karen and Peter Rhoten
Cathryn and Daniel Rie
Carol Riley
Donna Roberts
Mary Ellen and John Ross
Eileen Rotty
Janet Rowe
Elizabeth Ryan
Debra Ryan-Miller
Suzanne and Christopher Rynne
Diane and Kenneth Saleski
Ann and Stephen Scheele
Mary Ellen Schloss
Drew, Megan and Keira Schneider
Beth Schwarz
Scituate Garden Club
Scituate Town Library Staff
Anne Scollans
Ellen Sheehan
Della and Stephen Klemovich Shepherd
William Shields
Jean Shildneck
Alison Short
Jennifer Silver
Antonia Snee
Steven Solnick
Shelley Sommer
Donna Sorobello-Foley
The State Street Bank Foundation
Gina Steele
Kelly Stein
Ruth M. Stevens
Marcia Stewart
Mary Strachan and Nicholas Ward
Keili Storm
Peter Struzziero
Bobbie Sullivan
In Memory of Laurie Sullivan
Lynn Sullivan
Mary Jo Sunnerberg
Mimi Svening
Brad Sweet
Amy Tarsala
Jane Thompson and Henry Stahr
Ruth Thompson
Alena Tierney
Paige and Matthew Tobin
Dorothy and Cliff Tyler
Katherine and Jack Tyson
Jay Swartz
Betty and Alan Tufankjian
Anne and Anthony Vegnani
Valerie and Phillip Vatali
Richard Vines
Gina Vita
Mary Voelger and Robert Leach
Mary Jean VonIderstein
Alice and Thomas Walsh
Kerri and Mark Walsh
William F. Walters
Wampatuck School Retirees
Bernadette Ward
Deborah Watt
Tim Whitlock
Paula and John White
Sharon Whittier
Janet Williams
Ruth Yasin
Nancy Zigouras
Ann and Peter Zona


Donor Level $5,000 and above

Vision Source, Dr. Gordon A. Price

Friend Level $2,500 to $4999

Coastal Heritage Bank
Pilgrim Bank Foundation
Restaurant Oro

Sponsor Level $100 to $2499

Anderson Fuel
HarborOne Bank
Hingham Federal Credit Union
MountainOne Bank
Sarah Smith Design
T. K. O'Malley's
South Shore Music Circus

Updated August 14, 2016

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